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HP TouchPad Re-Fondle Screensnaps

August 16, 2011

What I hope to do tomorrow later today (August 17) is upload screensnaps directly from the HP TouchPad to this post.

I tried to email myself screensnaps last time and it didn’t work.

At least this way people on Twitter can pop in here to see what’s happening and I will have them if I do a post at my real blog.

Inserted photos here after the break.

This is dummy text as a placeholder for Break.

Why no photos? See this post: HP TouchPad Re-Fondle Aborted


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  1. *sits and waits*

  2. Already home from my play session at WalMart with TouchPad. Cheap skates had no wifi connection so I read the Autobiography of Ben Franklin. 22 pages to be exact. wifi or bluetooth would not connect to my Pre. I thought maybe an outside chance. I think tomorrow I will ask an associate what about a demo of the wifi capabilities before I buy. No action here, check back later.

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